Accredited Income Property Investment Specialist (AIPIS)

Julia Spencer is a real life example of an international income property investor with a diversified investment property portfolio. She discusses her gains and losses in tax liens, ‘buy and hold’ properties, and vacation rentals. She became a landlord out of necessity at a very young age; and even though she enjoys certain aspects of this line of work, she concludes that a good property management company pays for itself.


Key Takeaways:

[2:23] Julia designed weapon systems software before becoming a real estate investor

[3:56] Diversification is the key to Julia’s balanced portfolio

[5:25] Tax lien foreclosures can be hit or miss, find an experienced person to mimic

[7:45] You must be willing to take risks with tax liens

[8:43] A tax lien foreclosure state or a tax deed foreclosure state: what’s the difference?

[13:38] Cashflow investing or buy and hold investing?

[15:37] Understanding how to secure good property management

[18:54] Long-term tenants are common in Germany

[20:47] A stable land value in Germany, but high taxes 

[23:00] Rent to value ratio - 1% per month

[26:15] Vacation rentals, how does Airbnb compare?

[31:08] Vacation rental management offers a social aspect as well as a monetary boom

[33:31] Contact information to reach Julia

[33:51] Real Estate Secrets that Can Make You Rich



Julia M. Spencer

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