Accredited Income Property Investment Specialist (AIPIS)

It is possible to self-manage properties you have never seen.

David Merrill of Nationwide Eviction Services shares the benefits of his company’s software platform. The software allows investors who self-manage their properties to pay a small fee to file an eviction from anywhere, on-line. The company’s comprehensive website includes a calculator that can formulate a price per eviction in any state by entering a property’s zip code.

Key Takeaways:

[2:34] A software solution to the age old problem of eviction.

[5:00] Roughly, what are the costs for an eviction plus court costs in different areas of the country?

[7:59] An eviction is a two-part process, if you plan on recovering your funds.

[10:43] Which states have landlord friendly or landlord unfriendly markets?

[14:08] Smart Eviction Technology is a standardized form which adapts to the differences in local markets.

[16:25] People should standardize all of their collection efforts on all of their properties.

[18:31] Keep the lines of communication open. It pays to work with your renters before starting the eviction process  

[23:25] An online calculator shows which areas are more landlord friendly or tenant friendly based on cost per zip code.

[27:12] Contact information for David Merrill and his closing thoughts.  

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If you are interested in growing your retirement money faster, reducing your risk paying less tax this episode is a must listen. You must align your interests with the financial institutions and the central banks as they are most powerful monetary entities in the world. As you build your income property portfolio you need to put your money in a retirement account which allows you to self-direct your funds without paying high taxes or penalties. The Solo 401k is a vehicle you can use to defer taxes and manage as a resource. Guest expert, Jeff Nabers, created the complete Solo 401k and designed an online tool so you can calculate possible risks before making major investment decisions.  

Key Takeaways:

[2:22] The Solo 401k was based on the Pension Protection Act of 2006.

[4:26] The 3 main advantages of a Solo 401k.

[11:19] There are two qualifications which differentiate a Solo 401k from a traditional Roth IRA.  

[16:19] The Solo 401k allows you to invest $18,500 of your self-employment income.

[17:53] The IRS puts real estate investors in two categories one is a business and the other is a dealer.

[22:23] The rules of an IRA are much stricter than the rules of a Solo 401k.

[25:47] The most powerful thing an investor can do is to diversify.

[27:49] Health care costs and college tuition are impacted the most by inflation.

[28:11] The present value of money versus the future value of money and the lost opportunity costs of paying taxes on an IRA now.  

[32:42] It’s impossible to know how the government will tax retirement plans in the future.  

[38:13] Jeff Nabers’ company set up the only complete Solo 401k and designed an online tool.

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