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Kendall Almerico is the CEO of ClickStartMe, a crowdfunding company, and is considered to be one of the top crowdfunding experts in today's industry. He is also a regular columnist for about the subject of crowdfunding and is a well sought after sports agent as well. He appears on the AIPIS show today to explain a little bit more about what crowdfunding is and how you can benefit from it. 


Key Takeaways:

3:00 – What is crowdfunding? Kendall explains it's like a church collection plate. Everybody chips in a dollar and by the end there's a couple of hundred dollars in that plate. 

10:30 – Crowdfunding is going to change in a big way in January. People will be able to invest in a company in exchange for a company's equity and this big change is bringing up some concerns with venture capitalists. 

15:10 – Will there be an upraise of fraud? Kendall says there are many safeguards and regulations to prevent this. He explains in this segment what some of those safeguards are to prevent fraud. 

22:20 – Kendall talks a lot about some really cool and innovative campaigns that are on ClickStartMe right now. 

27:00 – If you don't promote your own product yourself, you will not be able to meet your budget goal.  It's all about networking. 

32:25 – Gawker was the first company to start a crowdfunding campaign to buy information for a news story. Kendall believes that there's going to be more crowdfunded journalism pieces in the future. 

36:40 – Be sure to do your homework, the more you prepare before launch, the easier it'll be to reach your goal. 



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Eldonna has worked in the Air Force as a contract negotiator for 23 years. She has worked with contracts ranging over $100 million for the military. She now helps teach others how to be a great negotiator and has appeared on Fox Business to talk about the power of negotiation. She shares tips on the show today on how you can leverage your skills to be a better negotiator and get exactly what you want. 


Key Takeaways:

2:50 – The first mistake in negotiations is lacking confidence. Go to yard sales to haggle and build that confidence. 

5:20 – You can always walk away during a negotiation.  

9:30 – You have to gain experience to be a good negotiator. 

13:35 – People often don't ask because they're afraid of the 'no', but you just have to keep asking in order to get what you want. 

17:00 – It's important to let go of any resentment or negative talk you might have. When you let go of the resentment, you can help yourself succeed. 

19:00 – Make sure you have a positive set of friendships around you. You are the first 5 of your closet friends.

21:20 – You have to have fun. Remember to have a fun when you do this! 



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In today’s AIPIS show, Jason Hartman talks to the founder of the Wealth Revolution Group, Marco Robinson. Together, they discuss topics from how realistic financial freedom really is to the importance of considering both the demographics of an area, as well as the potential of a property itself. Budding investors or entrepreneurs should be sure to listen out for this top-class industry advice.



02.30 – In order to achieve financial freedom, you have to really understand exactly what it is.

04.30 – For those researching demographics, the best place to start is census statistics and local databases.

07.00 – You need to look at the situation and at plans for future construction – you don’t want to invest in a property and have an identical building put up six months later.

10.00 – Economic rent is a principle which focuses on what makes a particular building special enough to warrant that higher price.

14.00 – A particular country can seem great for investing, but you have to study its dips and cycles in order to really understand what you’re committing to and when the best time to invest is.

18.00 – You can’t learn anything from mainstream education about financial freedom or investing in real estate so the only way to really learn is to be mentored by someone who’s got to where you want to be.

18.40 – For more information on Marco Robinson and his work, head to

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