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Daniel Miller of Fundrise talks to Jason Hartman about his real estate crowdfunding platform. He talks about how Fundrise got started, why traditional real estate developers are going through crowdfunding platforms, and much more on today's show. 


Key Takeaways:

2:10 – Daniel talks about how Fundrise got started. 

5:30 – Fundrise now provides funding for commercial real estate developers. 

11:15 – Why do real estate developer go to Fundrise and not a bank instead? 

19:08 – When Daniel first started Fundrise, there was a huge resistance among traditional real estate developers. 

22:05 – Daniel believes the investment world will be experiencing the same shift the publishing world experienced. 


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Salvator Buscemi is the author of Making the Yield, a managing partner in Dandrew Partners and runs the Oasis Fractionalized Real Estate Equity. Mortgage Brokers took to the streets to get funding for homes in pre-foreclosure and that was the start of the real estate crisis. Investing with short money people (those who invest $50,000 and under) can be costly to the entire deal. Jason and Salvator agree on most things and being cynical is the best way to be in business. 


Key Takeaways:

[1:48] Hard money lending uncovered

[5:32] No exit strategy on Sub-prime loans

[6:30] Funds to buy other funds

[7:59] Inexperienced fund managers

[11:50] 10 commandments of investing

[13:15] The rack rate secret

[15:28] Operator should be local to the asset

[19:00] Crowdfunding

[20:40] Short money?

[23:59] Federal Reserve’s no yield environment

[27:25] Massive interventions by Govt’s and Central Banks

[30:50] Resume of Bernie Madoff and others

[32:45] It’s all political

[34:20] Golden Age of Real Estate

[35:15] Intimate money management 

[37:16] Fund Manager should skin in the game

[40:00] Where are you in the capital structure?

[42:52], 1st 20 are free


Mentions In This Episode:

Dandrew Partners

Oasis Fractionalized Real Estate Equity

Making The Yield - Book


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Scott Sharpe comes with an impressive resume in racing and has moved on to the real estate crowdfunding business. He and his team buy notes in bulk and then sell each individual note on KC iFund website. Scott talks to Jason about how the website works, what kind of returns an investor can expect to see, and more. 


Key Takeaways:

2:00 – Scott shares a little bit about his background and experience. 

6:20 – Investors can put in as little as they want and still earn the same percentage as the larger investor. 

10:10 – KC iFund co-invests with the investor who has purchased a note from them. 

12:40 – Scott talks about his partner's experience in the note industry. 

14:25 – KC iFund only invests in first position performing and non-performing notes. 

15:10 – allows unaccredited investors to participate in real estate investing. 


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