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Today’s episode of the AIPIS Show features Toby Salgado of Super Agents Live as the guest. With a wealth of knowledge thanks to countless interviews with industry experts in the real estate marketing fields, he’s more than equipped to  talk to Jason Hartman about getting the right team size for your budget, how to make the most of leads and why knowing yourself is the first and most important step to success.


Key Takeaways

02.14 – Our perception of a ‘team’ is changing. Now it’s more like a whole staff!

03.30 – Has the real estate business really matured that much? What’s your stance?

05.54 – Know the different types of leads and know what works for your company.

10.28 – Your entire marketing strategy is about getting the message across different audiences. 

13.24 – Keeping an updated database is crucial to ensuring interested parties are well-informed.

15.47 – Have you noticed a gender gap in the real estate marketing business?

18.10 – You can’t go into this blindly. Know what your strengths are and work out what’s best for you.

20.33 – Check out Toby Salgado’s show on iTunes or Stitcher Radio, or head to the website: Twitter: @SuperAgentsLive

21.35 – Everything nowadays is a contact sport. Go out, make contacts, and send them your content. 

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Today’s AIPIS show features Scott Picken of Wealth Migrate as the guest. He and Jason Hartman discuss demographic trends, the importance of transparency and really knowing what’s going on with your own investments and how crowd-funding as a means of investment is changing and developing. 


Key Takeaways

02.32 – Scott Picken gives the back story to how Wealth Migrate came into being.

05.16 – It’s important to look at demographic and societal trends when figuring out different markets.

08.37 – Is direct investing still the only real way to know what’s happening with your investment?

12.18 – Wealth Migrate sets itself apart from other companies through its international links and its professional nature with reliable experts on the ground.

15.57 – The attitude to crowd-funding is changing, and it’s only going to get bigger.

18.24 – You can reach a point where, regardless of your background, you are an equal. 

21.54 – For more information, head to the main website at


Mentioned in this episode

The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

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Today’s AIPIS show gives a real insight into Jason Hartman’s professional life – how he got started in real estate, what his philosophies are, how to achieve and work towards successful investing. He also goes into just what investing with his company can really bring to you and your investment portfolio. 


Key Takeaways

01.10 – Jason Hartman describes his background and his humble beginnings in real estate. 

06.15 – Everything focuses on the rent-to-value ratio. Get that right and you’re so much closer to success.

07.20 – The age-old investment question: Single-family homes, apartments, condos, retail, office space?

10.15 – If you can, leveraging is such a manageable, usable way of funding your investments. 

13.59 – Inflation-induced debt-destruction is a way of making your money work for you.

18.57 – So much of this is focused on demographics – it’s about the people living in these countries and who are affected as a result of these decisions.

24.24 – When you have a country as enormous as the US, you just can’t put everything under one umbrella category.

28.00 – Living far away from a good property market is no longer a problem. Head to to find out how to make it all accessible. 

31.37 – Doing nothing is going to get you nothing. Make the first step and you’ll head towards something.


Mentioned in this episode

Who Took My Money? By Robert Kiyosaki

The Demographic Cliff by Harry Dent

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David Porter first became a real estate investor in the California area and then branched out to Indianapolis with Jason's company. He has made about a 700k appreciation since he has started. Jason and David have worked together since 2009 and they have quite a bit of catching up to do. David also shares some important insight as to what he looks for when purchasing a home in an area he's never stepped foot on. 


Key Takeaways:

4:10 – David has been working with Jason's team since 2009. 

9:30 – David talks about how he got into real estate investing. 

18:20 – It's incredibly hard to predict stocks because the banks and government policy often interfere 

with the numbers. 

21:30 – Debt it sometimes a good thing, especially when investing in property. 

24:25 – David talks about his shipping background and what his company does. 

28:10 – Will China take over the US economy? Jason thinks not yet. 

33:40 – Remember, The US's ability to print as much money as they want is what saved the economy. How long will it last? Jason and David think it could go on for a while before the system breaks. 

39:15 – It's a fantastic time to be alive. There's so much cool technologies on the way. Jason talks a little bit more about this. 

48:30 – David breaks down the 'free lunch' metric he uses to purchase homes. 

55:35 – David does a recap on the amount of money he has made over the years with Jason's company. 


Mentioned In This Episode:

Abundance by Peter Diamandis

Makers by Chris Anderson

Khan Academy

David Porter's first interview -

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Today’s episode of the AIPIS show is a bit of a reverse style to normal. Rather than being the interview, Jason Hartman takes a turn to answer Kevin Bupp’s questions. They talk about the ideas and motives that led Jason to get involved in real estate in the first place, and then move on to some of the wider issues affecting real estate for investors. He also gives a few of his personal favorite quotes to live by and considers what he would tell his younger self to do. 


Key Takeaways

06.23 – Find role models you can look to and embrace the influence they have on your life.

11.10 – So much of creating success is about doing something that nobody else has done.

13.30 – Jason Hartman’s investment teachings work with specific markets. What makes a good market?

19.00 – When working on inflation-based strategies, you have to know what will have the most effect.

25.40 – Demography always plays a huge part and when you bring in a group as large as Generation Y, you can’t help but notice the effects. 

31.56 – Rent to value ratio should always be on your mind, whether you’re an investor, owner or renter.

36.25 – In a moment of nostalgic advice, Jason talks about the things he’s learned over the years.

41.05 – If you do nothing, you will gain nothing. No doubt about it. 

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