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Lee Arnold is an international speaker, trainer, and licensed broker who has had over 13 years of experience in the real estate investment market. Lee helps connects private investors to borrowers all across the United States as well as Canada. He comes on the AIPIS show today to talk about note investing. He shares some important tips and insights on the subject along with some other very important investment tips any investor could use. 


Key Takeaways:

2:40 – How can you be good at note investing? Lee explains in this segment. 

6:40 – Before you buy a note, ask the lender if they provided the home owner with all of the compliance regulations. 

8:10 – Disclaimer: keep in mind everything Lee says is just his opinion and you should personally variety what he says. 

9:50 – Always do background checks from everybody you're buying from. Who is the home owner? Who signed for the loan? Etc.

13:30 – When working with Lee's company, the serving fees and all closing fees are paid by the burrower. The only fees investors or buyers will have to pay are the transfer fees. 

15:30 – The average property loan is $56k. Lee says for that type of loan to happen, the property needs to be worth $85k-$90k on the acquisition, which is roughly a 65% of the value. 

20:20 – Lee has personally done discounted paper, but it's not really what they specialize in. 

23:45 – Minimum investment is $50k and an investor would need to provide a letter from their tax adviser or CPA. 


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In today’s AIPIS Show, Jason Hartman invites Val Sotir of Watermark Capital Partners to discuss his company’s specific details in the note business. During the interview, they also get into topics such as the changing ways of Wall Street, how bankers are always looking for the best route for themselves and the patterns between liens. 


Key Takeaways

02.29 – Val Sotir, of Watermark Capital Partners deals with notes in lower-banded residential properties.

04.49 – Always remember with first and second liens, if the first and the second are not performing, the pricing is a lot lower.

07.46 – With the banks still having 80-85% of notes not released, there are still lots of trading opportunities available.

10.07 – The Wall Street from 1-2 decades ago was very different to the Wall Street we know now.

12.40 – Jason Hartman tries to understand the ever-confusing motives behind bankers’ actions.

14.39 – Banks have to treat all homeowners the same, so it’s easier for them just to sell!

15.14 – Find out more about Val Sotir and his company at 


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John Jamieson is from Detroit and is the owner of the Perpetual Wealth System. He is also the best selling author for the book entitled “The Perpetual Wealth System”. His work and business focuses on helping people develop better business models and to create tax free wealth. He talks to Jason today about Detroit and its economic decline. 


Key takeaways:

4:30 – John talks about the decline of Detroit. 

7:30 – Detroit has a bout of corrupt politicians over the years. 

9:10 – John tells the audience that all the schools and churches he went to as a kid are now closed. His friends' parents have all moved out of the area. All that's left of his home town is memories. 

15:20 – What's happening now in Detroit? 

19:10 – Detroit currently has some very unique investing options right now. 

21:35 – John talks about the kind of taxes and insurance you'd be expected to pay while owning a house in Detroit. 


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