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Dan Franks joins Jason today as part of a client case study. Dan is a former CPA, happy to have handed off the CPA duties to someone else as he manages his investment portfolio. As a fellow podcaster, he understands the value of information through podcasting and is here to share his story as a twelve-year listener of this show, and real estate investor.  

Key Takeaways:

[2:30] Dan Franks, the first podcast ever listened to was Creating Wealth.

Now, the Podcast Movement

[8:00] How and where did you get started investing?

[9:30] What got you interested in real estate, and the podcast?

[12:00] What was step two for real estate investing?

[17:00] When hiring an accountant, it’s great to find out if they speak the lingo of someone involved in real estate investing.

[20:00] How did this transform from investment to real estate business for you?

[26:15] What are your goals with your real estate portfolio?


Podcast Movement with Co-Founder Dan Franks

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Expert of home inspections, Kathleen Kuhn, joins Jason Hartman to share what to look for and what’s most problematic in home inspections. Kathleen gives the 101 and the advanced tools needed to make sure that you get your home inspections done properly. 

Key Takeaways:

[1:00] Always get a home inspection, learn from the best, Kathleen Kuhn.

[1:30] What are some of the most common home inspection problems seen?

[3:45] Roof flashing 101, and its importance.

[6:15] In regards to home inspection, is there an ideal location, that is less problematic?

[7:45] Do you prefer a certain construction style as far as the quality of build?

[11:00] Understanding the prices of home inspections and add-on inspections.

[14:00] How do you mitigate radon?

[15:30] Requesting a re-inspection

[18:30] How has the use of drones changed the home inspection process?


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Banks are worried, lenders are tightening up, and the overall mortgage process has changed. Aaron Kopelson discusses with Jason Hartman, some of the biggest changes he has seen in the last few months. 

Key Takeaways:

[1:30] One of the mortgage lenders' current biggest fears, and reason for tightening up, is an early payment default or a first payment default. 

[3:00] What is a jumbo loan, and what defines the limits per market?

[5:00] There’s no appetite from investors that want to buy mortgage-backed securities for these non-QM loans. 

[7:00] Real estate is a credit backed asset. When the financing starts to dry up, so do the prices. 

[10:00] Nobody was paid to put the breaks on and look at where we ended up (2008 recession)? 

[11:20] Fannie and Freddie are allowing for drive-by and desktop appraisals. 

[14:25] Is mortgage insurance allowed on investment properties?

[18:10] V.O.E. Verification of Employment

[19:45] What’s an overlay?


Kopelson Team

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