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The human behavior coach speaks with us today about what makes people tick and how to prioritize tasks in an effective manner. Research show us, chunking of information is necessary for people to properly digest large amounts of data. A logical flow is applied so the information is then thoroughly understood. Beverly dissects her SHIFT model which she created for one of her large corporate customers.


Key Takeaways:

[2:24] Beverly struggled to bridge the gap between her education and her careers

[4:10] Humans can only understand up to 7 pieces of information at one time

[5:33] The Shift model - The 5 steps

[6:29] Specify the desired outcome

[10:38] Highlight and categorize the obstacles

[12:03] Identify the human factor

[13:53] Find the alternative

[15:01] Take the disciplined action

[17:21] Figure out your top 3 priorities

[18:33] Not all communication comes naturally

[19:30] Contact Bev

[20:07] Have a clear destination and a clear plan to get there



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Understanding Other People

Make Your Shift

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