Accredited Income Property Investment Specialist (AIPIS)
Join Jason Hartman for an interview with successful founder of Rapid Realty, Anthony Lolli. Listen to the show at: Anthony became interested in real estate at the age of 19, motivated by a friend’s dad that quickly made money on real estate following a class he had taken. Anthony got his license and began [...]
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Real estate agents have many mediums available today for marketing and growing their business, but how many are actually taking advantage of Craigslist? And how do they make Craigslist produce positive results? Jason Hartman interviews real estate broker, Vince Villegas, about his success secrets to using Craigslist. Vince is one of the highest paid (if [...]
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Do you want to know the secrets of living longer?  Join Jason Hartman on this episode of Holistic Survival as he interviews Leslie Martin, Ph.D. and Howard Friedman, Ph.D., authors of “The Longevity Project.”  Find out who lives longest and why.  The answers may surprise you! Visit: HOWARD S. FRIEDMAN is Distinguished Professor at [...]
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Join Jason Hartman as he interviews real estate virtual assistant, Rick Obst about the added value of having a virtual assistant in your real estate business.  Most real estate agents have an idea of how they wish to run their business, but often the details of doing so can be cumbersome. Rick explains how the [...]
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