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Jason Hartman talks with Chris Cabanillas, a foreclosure defense attorney. Chris opened his own law firm, Cabanillas Law, in 2006 and his office represents homeowners in the states of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. He gives Jason and his listeners some great advise about what to do when you're facing foreclosure and more on today's AIPIS show. 


Key Takeaways 

3:50 – Chris explains why foreclosure cases take so long to process. 

7:50 – Only 5% of homeowners getting sued for foreclosure actually fight the case. 

12:40 – These old-fashioned foreclosures laws are inhibiting the economy. 

14:50 – If you're facing foreclosure, check if you can modify the loan terms. 

20:00 – What is the payment structure for a foreclosure defense attorney? It all depends on the situation. 

26:10 – Remember, Chris specializes in more high-priced markets and some of this advise may not accurately reflect other regions throughout the US. 

28:30 – There's a lot of foreign investment happening in Manhattan right now. 


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In today's APIS show, Jason Hartman does not have a guest for today, but instead he talks to the audience about the San Diego market, how he was right about Bitcoin, and why being a stock market investor is such a stressful job. He also gives you a heads up on some of the upcoming guests for the show that you should look out for.  


Key Takeaways:

1:50 – Jason is looking for a new place to live. 

6:40 – The rental market in San Diego is booming. 

11:20 – Jason's prediction about Bitcoin was right. 

13:20 – Why rent in San Diego? Jason explains. 

19:50 – Jason's company is no longer recommending Houston.  

24:55 – People who buy and hold property are the ones who create real wealth. 

27:45 – The stock market is an emotional roller coaster. 

31:10 – Jason talks about his Creating Wealth show. 

36:00 – Do not forget to visit


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J. Massey is a full-time real estate entrepreneur, developer, investor, sales coach, and problem solver. He has a background in insurance and fiances and talks to Jason today about some of his fun real estate deals. J also shares some creative advice on how you can obtain cell phone towers as well as shares some insightful thoughts on the Memphis real estate market. 


Key Takeaways:

2:30 – J talks about what his company does. 

5:10 – Many big multimillion dollar deals are never done solo. You need partners to help you. 

12:00 – J owns cell phone towers and talks about how he was able to purchase them. 

16:15 – You should come from the standpoint of solving the customer's problem. It's not about you. 

22:00 – If you're a problem solver to your customer, they will refer you to other people. 

27:00 – J looks for threats in the job economy and tries to invest in places with stable work flow. 

30:15 – J loves Memphis and talks about why the Amazon drones won't deter Memphis's job market. 

34:00 – You're going to have an easier time with a class A tenant, but a class C tenant will make you more money in the long run. 


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