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Amir Korangy’s magazine, The Real Deal, started in his apartment. It focuses on all aspects of real estate news including the architecture, the people, the deals and the money. The last page of every edition is the closing interview. He has compiled 100 of the best interviews and based the book, The Closing - Interview’s with New York City’s Titan of Real Estate, on them. He shares his insights on the amazing entrepreneurs he has met and details how most of them came from very little to create wealth simply because they love what they do.


Key Takeaways:

[1:53] The Closing Interview shows the humanity of real estate moguls

[3:27] The true successors live and breathe real estate

[5:40] Most real estate magnates were not handed anything, they bootstrapped their way through

[7:02] David Valentes’ story stands out as an inspiration

[9:55] Real Estate is a local phenomenon

[11:14] Costas Kondylis designed 86 high rises in Manhattan and is the subject of Building Stories

[13:05] Loving what they do is the common thread which links the Titans as one

[15:18] Architecture is an art form you can live in

[16:39] Donald Trump and Kondylis did 18 buildings together



The Real Deal

PBS Building Stories - New York Through the Eyes of an Architect

The Closing - Interviews with NYC’s Titans of Real Estate


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