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Todd Teta entertains the question, "how do we go from what we would've expected, to what might happen due to the impact of COVID-19?" Teta, a Chief Product and Technology Officer for ATTOM Data, talks with Jason Hartman about several ranging metrics with real estate and explains the importance of these numbers. Will this contribute to a rise in foreclosures?

Key Takeaways:

[2:45] What's the price of the home vs. what's the cost of the home? We're talking about the price-tag vs. the mortgage. 

[6:30] Where does ATTOM get their data?

[8:20] What was the level of risk in March 2020 going into each market?

[9:20] "406/3,007 counties comprise north of 990% of all US real estate transactions."

[14:40] Foreclosures so far have been a non-issue, but we do expect this to tick up. 

[21:20] We are now looking back at the Great Recession, as not to repeat it. 

[24:20] Anecdotal evidence of people searching for suburban homes is popping up—searches like walking trails, parks, neighborhood restaurants, etc. 

[30:30] If foreclosures double, what will happen with home prices?

[35:30] Is purchase activity well below average due to supply or demand?


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Zoom Virtual Event: October 17th, 2020

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Jason Hartman invites client, Adam Jackson, onto today’s show to discuss how he turned 5 years of investing into 14 properties with infinite returns. Adam shares his story from listening to an audiobook, to our podcast to becoming an investor. This is all coming from a USMC vet and someone in the aerospace industry. 

As well, Jason and Adam discuss the global currency, the Baby-Boomer to Millennial wealth transfer. How will the Millennials treat this wealth transfer, one of the largest wealth transfers to date. Lastly, people are fleeing NYC, or upgrading their NYC apartments.
Key Takeaways:

[2:15] Adam shares what are his “infinite returns” on half of his portfolio.

[5:00] Adam’s story from reading Seven Years to Seven Figures, listening to Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing, and closing on his 14th property. All in 5 years!

[10:00] Gain control of the real estate and then let it work for you. 

[13:00] What were the good/bad experiences in the first five years of investing?

[18:00] Your worst deal was a double-digit ROI?

[21:30] Some people in the income property game think they’re losing when they’re winning because they don’t know how to do the math. 

[24:30] Income property investing vs. Wall St. 

[25:30] Where do you see the US going, from a perspective in tech and aerospace?

[29:00] If not the US, who will take the place of the world's reserve currency?

[32:45] The Boomer to Millennial wealth transfer.

[34:00] People are fleeing NYC or upgrading their size for the same price.

[36:10] Beyond property tracker, what other apps, tools, or resources do you use?


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Founder of Excelsior Capital, Brian Adams joins Jason Hartman today to discuss everything from millennials moving to the suburbs to the office market and how it’s changing post-pandemic. Public transportation is likely to continue its trend downward as the car will regain popularity in need for social distancing and health. 

Key Takeaways:

[2:30] Millennials, it’s not all Brooklynn bars and avocado toast, now they are trending towards suburban areas. 

[7:00] Speaking on the logistical challenges of a vaccine for COVID-19

[9:15] What do you see for the office property market?

[11:30] Suburban offices have a better chance of surviving the pandemic than high-density urban areas.

[14:15] Companies moving more towards mothership and hub and spoke models. 

[15:15] Are any new deals going on in the office market?

[16:00] How far through this pandemic do you think we are?

[17:20] The fed and congress have been flooding the capital market system with liquidity. 

[21:45] Will the development of tech push non-techies into a need for UBI? 

[22:25] Discussing office reuse. 

[25:45] Inflation will more than likely hit back.

[27:00] While the supply chain might be lacking, the price of construction seems to be substantially lower.


LinkedIn: Brian C. Adams

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