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Frank McKinney is a real estate artist and international bestselling author of, "Burst This!: Frank McKinney's Bubble Proof Real Estate Strategies" and "Frank McKinney's Maverick Approach to Real Estate Success: How You can Go From a $50,000 Fixer Upper to a $100 Million Mansion."


McKinney breaks down one of his favorite quotes: "To whom much is entrusted, much is expected." (Luke 12:48). He just launched The Make It Big Event, which will be four live seminars in which he hopes to revolutionize the real estate education market with the best content and the best advice about what works in real estate. 


Natural disasters have impacted families all around the world, and McKinney describes what he's done in Haiti through the Caring House Project, providing entire self-sufficient villages for the world's poorest country. Over the past decade, McKinney has built housing for 21 villages to shelter more than 10,000 people. 


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Victoria Shtainer is a leading broker with Douglas Elliman. She joins the show to discuss how the crisis in Ukraine has affected real estate deals in New York City. She says the worsening state of Russian-American relations make for awkward conversations with clients. Shtainer discusses which nationalities are big purchasers in Manhattan. 


Victoria Shtainer is a veteran residential specialist. She is as creative as she is tenacious in hunting out the best properties for her clients. Along with her seasoned knowledge of the real estate market comes a thorough education of various neighborhoods for buyers who benefit from her expert, attentive guidance. Victoria's insight into the potential of properties begins way before they are actually built. Her in-depth experience with preconstruction enables her to visualize both space and possibilities in terms of aesthetics as well as value. Victoria's keen vision has helped homeowners and investors alike, not to mention herself and her husband who have developed commercial and residential projects - plus handled the litigations and sales for them - throughout Brooklyn. As one who classifies herself as a "real estate junkie," Victoria has thrived in and been thrilled by the business for nine rewarding years. She still enjoys the hunt, and finding that diamond in the rough. Her equal passion is spending time with her husband and two small children, her pride and joy. Fluent in Russian, Victoria came to the US when age six, and has since fueled her passion for studying and doing her homework on everything, especially cutting-edge trends in real estate. 


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Scott Foerst is the Director of Luxury Real Estate at Heritage Auctions. With high-end markets running hot and cold nationally,  seller’s and brokers are turning to auctions to sell their multimillion dollar properties. As the third largest auction company in the world, Heritage brings global marketing and influence to the table for its sellers. Foerst explains in greater detail in this podcast.


Foerst also discusses the market changes he is seeing in 2014 versus his decade of auctioning luxury homes. He analyzes whether he typically sees higher prices via the auction method versus traditional methods. 


Foerst finishes the show by talking about the ideal client or broker referral for Heritage and the auction process. 


Scott Foerst joined Heritage Luxury Real Estate Auctions with more than 20 years of private real estate experience ranging from design, construction, and the sale of exclusive properties throughout North America and the Caribbean. After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University School of Architecture, Scott worked as project designer where he oversaw $28 million of private residential projects and client relations. His broad knowledge of auctioning one-of-a-kind residences includes management of the marketing and sales efforts in addition to procuring future clients by collaborating with national brokers and private owners. Additionally, he has lectured on high-end residential auctions throughout the country as well as maintaining positions on nonprofit boards.


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Dwan Bent-Twyford has been a real estate investor for over 20 years. She currently helps aspiring students how to do no equity foreclosures. Her company, Investors Edge University, helps coach people who want to have a legitimate real estate business and teaches them how to find homes before they go to the auction. Join Jason and Dwan as they talk about how this program works and the overall business plan.

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