Accredited Income Property Investment Specialist (AIPIS)

Wouldn’t it be nice to see an interesting property on the internet and send someone else halfway across the U.S. to take photos of it for you? What about checking up on one of your existing properties to inspect the hail damage first hand. WeGoLook has an army of 20,000 “lookers” who can send you photos, videos or answer specific questions. They are even able to visit the local municipality to perform a title search. 


Key Takeaways:

[1:55] How WeGoLook evolved

[4:16] We offer a basic report with photos/videos to answer any questions you have

[7:10] We offer an hourly rate for one-off services

[9:06] We also do document research, title searches and visit municipalities for customers

[11:27] We cover the U.S., the UK, Australia and Canada

[13:24] WeGoLook offers these services at these rates

[17:32] People can order services directly from our website

[18:56] We charge travel fees and research fees for those locations which are hard to reach

[22:14] We see ourselves going global in the future

[23:44] We also service fortune 500 companies as field assignment personnel




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