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On today's AIPIS show, Jason introduces an interesting format where it's just Pat Hiban and him sitting down and having a real estate-focused conversation. Jason and Pat both switch off on the interviewing process to share each other's stories on how they got into real estate. Pat shares some key mistakes he learned from investing in a mobile home, why he loves sorority housing, and much more on today's show. 


Key Takeaways:

2:15 – Pat talks about how he got started in real estate. 

6:20 – Jason shares his personal story about how he achieved real estate success. 

11:40 – Jason really loves single-family homes as investments. 

18:20 – Where are some of the hottest real estate investment markets right now? Jason explains.

25:00 – Pat explains why his mobile home investment deal went bad.  

29:30 – Pat loves section 8 tenants and he explains why. 

32:40 – Pat also loves renting to sororities. 

38:40 – There are so many rags to riches stories in real estate investing. It's almost like those stories don't exist on Wall Street. 


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Alan Cowgill teaches others how to get private investors as well as become a hard money lender. Alan became a full-time real estate investor in 1995 and has overseen hundreds of real estate transactions. He talks to Jason primarily about hard money lending as well as some tricky states to look out for when trying to get your first private lender. He also talks about SEC filing regulations, a California loophole, and more on today's episode. 


Key Takeaways:

2:00 – Alan teaches people how to become private lenders. 

4:18 – In private lending, the terms are very flexible and you can usually find someone to meet your terms. 

12:20 – If you want to get private lending from strangers, then there's 5 areas of control in every state. Alan explains what those are.  

16:45 – There are rules to follow that are set by the SEC when it comes to private lending. 

23:00 – Make sure you acquire an SEC attorney and not a real estate attorney. 

26:00 – Alan talks about California's loophole when it comes to lending money. 

29:10 – Alan's website,, offers free resources for people who are interested in learning more. 


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Larry Makowski is the founder of Express Auctioneers and has been an auctioneer himself for over 40 years. Larry shares some insider information about the real estate auctioning industry and talk to Jason Hartman about why people choose auctions, what he does to qualify auction bidders, and much more on the AIPIS show. 


Key Takeaways:

1:40 – Some states have exemptions for selling real estate at auctions and you don't need a license for them. 

8:30 – There isn't a set reserve price at the auction, so the seller can decline or accept an offer after the bidding process is done. 

15:10 – Most buyers come the day of the sale and buy without inspecting the property. 

17:30 – Larry is part of quite a few MLSs, but he says it's necessary to get the needed exposure. 

20:10 – According to an older statistic produce by the National Association of Realtors, 1/3rd of properties will be sold through auctions by 2020. 


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