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Today's episode is Jason Hartman exploring Commandment #3: Thou Shalt Maintain Control a lot deeper. Maintaining control in real estate deals has been discussed quite a bit before, but it's not just real estate where control matters. Jason explores the collapse of Enron and why it was such a surprise and why Commandment #3 is crucial even in those scenarios.

Key Takeaways:

[4:03] Airbnb hasn't been through a recession yet, so there's a lot that isn't priced in to the market

[8:06] The 3 major problems when you give up control in an investment

[13:54] The Infographics Show: The Business Deception That Cost $60 Billion

[16:59] The phrase "financial innovation" is a red flag when you hear it

[23:05] Most companies don't have people inside to pump the brakes, because everyone is incentivized to speak highly and show it in the best possible light

[25:26] Derivatives are the thing about the thing, but as an investor you want to be as close to the "thing" as possible


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The Infographics Show: The Business Deception That Cost $60 Billion

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Jason Hartman talks with client Sean Carroll about the journey he's had with real estate. From starting out as an agent in New York before the Great Recession to losing every penny he had, Sean now has a portfolio of properties that is allowing him to be in the career he wants to be in. Jason and Sean explore Sean's best and worst decisions in order to help you stay on a safe, profitable path.

Key Takeaways:

[2:42] How Sean lost BIG during the Great Recession

[7:31] The deal that truly put Sean under

[12:27] The system is set up to create asset inflation

[15:02] The owner of a home Sean sold in 2006 is still $70,000 underwater

[20:04] Stop calling things problems and start calling them challenges

[24:13] Apps, tools, tips Sean has for investors


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Jason Hartman talks with Rich Dad Advisor Garrett Sutton about the issues of rent control, capital flow, and why the Florida court decision on the Olmstead case has had an impact on single member LLCs across the nation. They also discuss the importance of protecting yourself even when you hire a professional to do a job for you.

Key Takeaways:

[2:21] The state of California is out to commit economic suicide

[6:03] There are some exemptions from the state wide rent control for California

[10:31] States have the right to make the laws they want, but people have the right to put their assets where they want, and developers are going to put their assets elsewhere

[16:17] State wide rent controls will make the capital flow from the states where they're implemented, impacting other markets

[19:31] The importance of Florida's Olmstead decision on single member LLCs and charging orders

[26:55] When you hire a professional, you're still responsible for any mistakes they make


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Jason Hartman's investment counselor Adam takes today's show to talk with one of the network's lenders to discuss what mortgage rates are in today's market. Basing the rates on a $100,000 purchase price the two explore what rates are available and what things are happening that are impacting rates now and in the future.


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