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Tino Diaz is the President & CEO of America's Homeowner Alliance. He joins the show to discuss political issues in real estate, including whether the home mortgage interest deduction is under attack and Congress' stance on homeownership policy. 

Diaz also gives some data that answers whether home ownership is declining, particularly among low-to-moderate income families. He explains how his organization protects and promotes sustainable homeownership for all segments of America. 

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America's Homeowner Alliance is the first national homeowner alliance dedicated to protecting and promoting sustainable homeownership for all segments of America. Established in September 2013, the Alliance is based in St. Louis, Missouri and serves as the representative public policy voice of existing and aspiring homeowners. The Alliance is a nonpartisan organization, representing homeowners of all ethnic, income and demographic backgrounds.

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Ken Wilson is President of the Appraisal Institute. He joins the show to discuss what the Appraisal Institute has done to help appraisers analyze market trends and value. 

The topic then shifts to real estate, where Wilson explain different market types and how one can analyze market cycles.

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Ken P. Wilson, MAI, SRA, of Plano, Texas, is the 2014 president of the Appraisal Institute. He was the organization’s president-elect in 2013. He will serve as immediate past president in 2015. He serves this year as chair of the organization’s Executive Committee and chairs its policy-setting Board of Directors.

Wilson has been involved in the real estate appraisal profession for 35 years. Following a 12-year career with two national appraisal firms, he started his own valuation and consultation firm, Wilson Realty Advisors, based in Dallas.

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Leslie Horn is the CEO of Three Squared. She joins the show to explain the types of real estate Three Squared is involved in.

Surprisingly, Horn does a lot of work in Detroit real estate. She tells us about the opportunities in this market.

One of Three Squared initiatives is to build homes that are more energy efficient. She discusses this strategy.

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