Accredited Income Property Investment Specialist (AIPIS)

David Porter first became a real estate investor in the California area and then branched out to Indianapolis with Jason's company. He has made about a 700k appreciation since he has started. Jason and David have worked together since 2009 and they have quite a bit of catching up to do. David also shares some important insight as to what he looks for when purchasing a home in an area he's never stepped foot on. 


Key Takeaways:

4:10 – David has been working with Jason's team since 2009. 

9:30 – David talks about how he got into real estate investing. 

18:20 – It's incredibly hard to predict stocks because the banks and government policy often interfere 

with the numbers. 

21:30 – Debt it sometimes a good thing, especially when investing in property. 

24:25 – David talks about his shipping background and what his company does. 

28:10 – Will China take over the US economy? Jason thinks not yet. 

33:40 – Remember, The US's ability to print as much money as they want is what saved the economy. How long will it last? Jason and David think it could go on for a while before the system breaks. 

39:15 – It's a fantastic time to be alive. There's so much cool technologies on the way. Jason talks a little bit more about this. 

48:30 – David breaks down the 'free lunch' metric he uses to purchase homes. 

55:35 – David does a recap on the amount of money he has made over the years with Jason's company. 


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