Accredited Income Property Investment Specialist (AIPIS)

Today’s episode of the AIPIS show is a bit of a reverse style to normal. Rather than being the interview, Jason Hartman takes a turn to answer Kevin Bupp’s questions. They talk about the ideas and motives that led Jason to get involved in real estate in the first place, and then move on to some of the wider issues affecting real estate for investors. He also gives a few of his personal favorite quotes to live by and considers what he would tell his younger self to do. 


Key Takeaways

06.23 – Find role models you can look to and embrace the influence they have on your life.

11.10 – So much of creating success is about doing something that nobody else has done.

13.30 – Jason Hartman’s investment teachings work with specific markets. What makes a good market?

19.00 – When working on inflation-based strategies, you have to know what will have the most effect.

25.40 – Demography always plays a huge part and when you bring in a group as large as Generation Y, you can’t help but notice the effects. 

31.56 – Rent to value ratio should always be on your mind, whether you’re an investor, owner or renter.

36.25 – In a moment of nostalgic advice, Jason talks about the things he’s learned over the years.

41.05 – If you do nothing, you will gain nothing. No doubt about it. 

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