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The 40-hour workweek is a thing of the past. Corporate employees are tallying up many more hours every week, but why? If technology is supposed to be the proponent of leisure time, why do we spend so much time working, traveling to work, and getting ready for work?  Today’s guest, Shaun McCloskey from Lifeonaire, says people have a default and when they find themselves with extra time on their hands they automatically do what they know, which is work. Also, they have never taken the time to consider what they want from life or to explore any hobbies. His Lifeonaire – taken from millionaire but with a life – program is focused on figuring out a person’s vision of what they want their future to be.


Key Takeaways:

[2:11] Focusing on having the life you want instead of money in your account

[5:59] Some people don’t even know what they love because all they do is work

[8:30] The Four Stages of Lifeonaire

[11:27] Would you be living life differently if you only had 6 months left?

[14:40] Figuring out how much time important things take

[16:09] How the 40-hour workweek was born

[18:20] Start out by writing your vision without numbers and dollar signs

[20:05] Look for alternatives that can help you to realize your dreams more quickly

[20:54] Get the Lifeonaire book and read it today

[22:50] Contact information for Shaun

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