Accredited Income Property Investment Specialist (AIPIS)

Owners of unimproved land are often looking to sell their properties, but may not put their parcels on the market. Jill Dewit and Steve Butala of the Land Academy have made the process of connecting buyers and sellers spreadsheet simple. They start with set parameters which are proven profit generators. They then data mine the available properties and share the opportunities through their platforms of e-books, blogs and podcasts. They even have an education program and an online community potential investors can join to get in on the action. If you are interested in investing in tenant free, vacant land visit their website for more information.



Key Takeaways:

[2:29] What is the market for rural, vacant land?

[3:41] A niche choice to flip land

[5:04] The typical land transaction west of the Mississippi

[8:06] Zoning and property and tax assessments on vacant land

[11:58] Physical and legal access laws vary state by state 

[13:15] Researching easements and access

[13:46] The 4 A’s of purchasing vacant land

[15:30] The contents of the 2-page letter which entices the seller to consider an offer

[17:45] Using the assessed value to target sellers

[20:31] The parameters of the offer are set in advance

[22:10] We don’t offer to buy vacant land unless we can triple our money overnight

[22:48] Selling the properties to “A” list property buyers

[24:06] How do newbies get started building their lists?

[25:10] Making money on the resale while solving problems

[26:59] Contacting Land Academy



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