Accredited Income Property Investment Specialist (AIPIS)

Today’s AIPIS show gives a real insight into Jason Hartman’s professional life – how he got started in real estate, what his philosophies are, how to achieve and work towards successful investing. He also goes into just what investing with his company can really bring to you and your investment portfolio. 


Key Takeaways

01.10 – Jason Hartman describes his background and his humble beginnings in real estate. 

06.15 – Everything focuses on the rent-to-value ratio. Get that right and you’re so much closer to success.

07.20 – The age-old investment question: Single-family homes, apartments, condos, retail, office space?

10.15 – If you can, leveraging is such a manageable, usable way of funding your investments. 

13.59 – Inflation-induced debt-destruction is a way of making your money work for you.

18.57 – So much of this is focused on demographics – it’s about the people living in these countries and who are affected as a result of these decisions.

24.24 – When you have a country as enormous as the US, you just can’t put everything under one umbrella category.

28.00 – Living far away from a good property market is no longer a problem. Head to to find out how to make it all accessible. 

31.37 – Doing nothing is going to get you nothing. Make the first step and you’ll head towards something.


Mentioned in this episode

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