Accredited Income Property Investment Specialist (AIPIS)

Why invest in Orlando, Florida? There are many reasons to invest in this judicial foreclosure state, including the influx of investments by major medical companies and large corporations like Lockheed Martin. There are also business basics to the State of Florida that make it a good place to invest. It offers asset protection, has no income tax for its residents, and is pro-business and pro-landlord. This hybrid market is ripe and once the real estate market corrects itself, investment properties will appreciate to their proper values.


Key Takeaways:

[2:24] It’s possible to buy real estate at a low price and become cash flow positive in the Orlando market. 

[6:50] Differences in price discovery, market clearing, and the foreclosure process can be attributed to judicial foreclosure states vs. non-judicial foreclosure states.

[11:21] Las Vegas may be a massively over speculated market. Its economy needs time to grow naturally.

[12:50] The state of Florida is a well-rounded city, which creates an environment for job growth. It’s time for the cyclical market to correct itself.

[19:36] The ease of enforcing contracts in Florida makes for a landlord-friendly environment.

[22:36] Our management team employs the idea of leverage and was built for investors by investors.

[23:53] A good management company works well with tenants while protecting their legal rights during an eviction.


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