Accredited Income Property Investment Specialist (AIPIS)

Quick answers in the lightning round to all of the most important financing questions. We dig in and ask prudent questions of Joe, our financing guru. If you are looking to create your wealth through real estate investments, this is the episode for you. Down and dirty details of what it takes to get the best financing deals and the specifications you need to qualify for up to 20 properties. Expert advice – free of charge!


Key Takeaways:

[2:38] How many companies can one finance at the same time?

[3:16] The first 4 properties financed need 5% down

[4:05] Financing through an LLC

[4:45] One loan, one property with vanilla residential financing

[6:14] Multiple inquiries about your credit score can lower it over time

[7:06] A LLC needs different insurance

[8:10] Is a power of attorney sufficient to close the loan?

[8:51] An attorney is not needed to close the loan

[10:20] A 2-year landlord history – Fannie Mae: No, Freddie Mac: Yes

[11:19] The minimum credit score is 620 for the first 4 properties, 720 for 5-10

[12:14] Cash out refinancing on investment properties

[14:06] You can always finance your primary residence but different guidelines may apply

[14:45] Lenders need 6 months of reserves

[16:26] Offsetting the mortgage payment based on possible rental income

[18:27] Rental income loss

[19:06 Technical refinance or delayed financing

[21:01] 100% replacement cost needed in homeowners’ insurance

[25:01] Do your due diligence but beware of multiple credit checks

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