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Founder of, Adam Jason, real estate attorney and BRRRR investor, joins Jason Hartman from Medellin, Colombia to discuss some different methods of real estate investing, particularly the BRRRR method!  We also dive into the online deal analysis and legal solution he has specifically-crafted for BRRRR investors! Adam points out some key differences in rehabbing a home when the expectation is set for flipping versus renting. As well, Adam shares some experience working with contractors, and what you need to do to avoid certain problems. 

Key Takeaways:

[1:45] What does BRRRR mean? Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat

[3:30] What is the reason for the renewed interest in the hold concept?

[5:00] The rehab market has different expectations for renting and flipping, explained by Adam. 

[6:30] How do you get deal flow?

[10:20] What are some of the tricks of the trade for this method?

[12:00] What typical problems do you see with contractors?

[15:00] Working with contractors, incentives, penalties, and supply delays. 

[18:00] What motivated your move out of the U.S. and to Colombia?

[22:30] Explain the landlord-tenant laws in Colombia.


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