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Todd Teta entertains the question, "how do we go from what we would've expected, to what might happen due to the impact of COVID-19?" Teta, a Chief Product and Technology Officer for ATTOM Data, talks with Jason Hartman about several ranging metrics with real estate and explains the importance of these numbers. Will this contribute to a rise in foreclosures?

Key Takeaways:

[2:45] What's the price of the home vs. what's the cost of the home? We're talking about the price-tag vs. the mortgage. 

[6:30] Where does ATTOM get their data?

[8:20] What was the level of risk in March 2020 going into each market?

[9:20] "406/3,007 counties comprise north of 990% of all US real estate transactions."

[14:40] Foreclosures so far have been a non-issue, but we do expect this to tick up. 

[21:20] We are now looking back at the Great Recession, as not to repeat it. 

[24:20] Anecdotal evidence of people searching for suburban homes is popping up—searches like walking trails, parks, neighborhood restaurants, etc. 

[30:30] If foreclosures double, what will happen with home prices?

[35:30] Is purchase activity well below average due to supply or demand?


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