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Jason Hartman talks with James Adams, former Waffle House employee and analyst. His new book, Waffle Street: The Confessions & Rehabilitation of a Financier, tells the inside story of working on Wall Street during the housing market crash. After exiting the scam that is Wall Street, he got a job at Waffle House, and spawned his book, now movie starring Danny Glover. James explains the central banking system in terms of loans and debt, the issues created by printing more and more money, and cautions us about which major nation might be the first to collapse in the NEXT crisis.

Key Takeaways:

[1:25] James' original title for the book

[5:02] While some areas of the book are dramatized, the crisis was on a bigger scale than anyone could imagine.

[6:25] Haphazard underwriting and an improbable US housing decline made many US financial institutions to reassure clients until the crash happened

[9:23] The ripple effects of leverage because of how out of whack rent to home price ratios were

[12:05] James fears the treasury balance sheets of G8 countries could be the cause for another meltdown.

[14:23] Central banks are creating electronic liabilities.

[16:10] What needs to be done to the banks before we can even begin to solve our underlying problems

[21:59] Printing money works until it doesn't

[22:38] Japan has many factors that are working against their long term success

[23:58] Are options on Japanese debt a good idea?

[26:05] The Waffle Street film is trending well on Netflix and is experiencing good distribution.

[27:10] James has another movie and works as a Senior Research Analyst


“It’s the layer upon layer of leverage which creates instability in the housing market.”

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