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Technological changes may give real estate investors better tools to access previously unavailable markets, but no level of technology will ever replace a human’s need for shelter. As long as investors keep their eyes looking forward to the future and stay on top of the increasing number of research tools available, they will successfully build a diverse, long-term wealth strategy based upon single family home investment properties.


Jason and the Real Estate Guys take a break from their real estate conference speaking engagements, to discuss predictions for the future of the real estate investment market, the influx of tenants looking for rentals and how technology is changing investors’ ability to see beyond their own backyard and experience the benefit of geo-arbitration.


Key Takeaways:

[2:25] No matter what the statistics say, real estate investors have more tenants than ever before. 

[5:13] There will always be a need for single-family housing.

[7:02] The labor participation rate is the lowest it’s been over the last four decades but you can’t keep the U.S.A. down for long.

[9:41] Real estate investors sometimes miss megatrends but they need to change with the market. 

[12:18] How will technology change the way houses are built?

[15:00] Real estate is becoming a mature, less fragmented industry and when big money comes in, it will push prices up.

[18:44] Sophisticated investors use tools so they don’t get stuck investing in their backyard.

[21:23] Owning single family homes in 3-5 markets is a good diversification strategy


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