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Dr. David E. Goldberg is an Emeritus Professor of Engineering at the University of Illinois and a pioneer in genetic algorithm. He is the founder and president of Big Beacon and he also hosts the radio show, Big Beacon Radio. He believes that the future is more optimistic than many people think it will be and that engineering is the key to enhancing education reform.


Key Takeaways:

[2:22] Evolutionary computation is the idea of combining Darwinian survival of the fittest and ideas from genetics.

[7:49] What impact does evolutionary engineering have on humans, the economy and the systems we use?

[11:53] The future can be more optimistic than what people assume it will turn out to be.

[14:06] Engineers used to be rock stars, just look at the ebb and flow of the popularity of historical engineers.

[16:14] After World War II, we turned engineers into ‘worker bees’ and now we want them to be charismatic leaders, like Steve Jobs.

[19:58] One of the interesting things we found when researching ‘A Whole New Engineer’ is that Asia may no longer be a breeding ground for engineers.

[24:12] Contact information for Dr. David Goldberg.

[25:10] Empower students with trust and they will find the courage to take the initiative which leads to real learning.


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