Accredited Income Property Investment Specialist (AIPIS)

Jeff, an existing client, is doing research on buying multiple properties at once in the Chicago area. After much debate about the advantages and disadvantages, Jason gives a thumbs up in support of the venture. That is because buying multiple properties at once will save investors time and paperwork. Affordable maintenance costs, low vacancy rates and cost of living make Chicago the least expensive world class city in the U.S.


Key Takeaways:

[1:45] Jeff asks Jason’s advice about investing in Chicago.

[2:16] Chicago is great but there are a few reasons why it’s not a slam dunk.

[3:45] But...the team you use is important! Pay attention to the in-house services.

[6:19] Cash flow and rent to value ratios in Chicago.

[8:48] Is a low vacancy rate a sign of low rents?

[10:47] The psychology behind raising rents for existing tenants.

[13:38] Our local market specialist in this area know what they are doing.

[14:23] Are there advantages to buying a group of properties all at once?

[17:00] Chicago is the most affordable world class city in the world.

[17:42] Rental Properties in Little Rock and Memphis versus rental properties in Chicago.

[19:45] A million shades of gray in real estate investing.

[21:37] An extreme self-management example.

[25:07] The Chicago area is a vibrant market.



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