Accredited Income Property Investment Specialist (AIPIS)

Crunching the numbers sounds easy enough, but which numbers do you use? National data doesn’t always reflect individual markets and using geographical data isn’t always a telling sign due to widespread changes in Fannie and Freddie’s level of risk. Jason and Daren take a deep dive into analyzing market data and how tagging markets as linear, cyclical and hybrid allow investors to understand good properties based on cash flow and ROI.


Key Takeaways:

[2:20] National data doesn’t always reflect geographic niches

[3:59] RealtyTrac is, at its core, a data company

[6:43] Licensing and re-selling the data to other companies

[8:16] Home sales are at an 8 year high when analyzing 190 markets

[10:38] The homeownership rate helps our clients to analyze markets

[12:30] Analyzing the tax assessor information for rental properties

[14:50] Everything is relative

[18:44] Thinking of real estate markets as linear (boring), cyclical and hybrid

[24:15] A combination of jobs and universities help real estate markets

[28:41] Extend and pretend, or delay and pray markets

[31:24] Market influences are tipping towards introducing additional risk



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