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This provocative conversation features best-selling author and Professor Philip Kotler. Professor Kotler’s new book, Confronting Capitalism, looks at the dark side of Capitalism in the U.S. and provides solutions to core areas, which would reverse our troubled economic system. Both Jason and Philip agree that the current government has been hijacked by the modern version of organized crime – better known as Wall Street – and that a smaller, localized government would make for a more efficient system. While Jason and Professor Kotler find difficulty agreeing on every issue, they both recognize the need to preserve the American middle class and the importance of closing tax loopholes.


Key Takeaways:

[2:46] Americans live under two systems: 1) Capitalism, 2) Democracy

[3:28] The supply-side of Capitalism causes the wage/income gap

[6:26] The rich should help reduce poverty

[7:24] Does the Henry Ford wage increase really work?

[9:05] Many low-income workers are on publicly funded programs

[13:52] Factories have moved abroad along with the money

[17:49] 3 investments the U.S. needs to make: 1) Infrastructure, 2) Public schools, 3) Debt

[19:19] Closing tax loopholes – Capital Gains 

[22:59] Could entrepreneurs scale businesses in the same manner if taxes were doubled?

[26:48] Big government and big business are inefficient

[28:09] Cities are the engines of growth, not the states

[31:22] Democracy is there to protect citizens both rich and poor

[33:00] Unions – Good or bad?

[34:32] The “Just” index



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