Accredited Income Property Investment Specialist (AIPIS)

Managing insurance policies for your entire real estate portfolio can be an administrative nightmare if the coverage is provided by multiple companies. Finding a reliable and informative insurance broker who is able to offer nationwide coverage from A level underwriters would eliminate the hassle. Today, Jason gets answers for all of your insurance questions from the brokerage firm of Ross Diversified.

Key Takeaways:

[1:44] The simplicity of one insurance provider for properties nationwide

[2:27] We have had nationwide insurance available for 30 years

[3:24] Nuances to the nationwide real estate market make it a difficult product to offer

[4:42] The underwriting companies which serve our brokerage firm

[5:52] Nationwide programs are generally done on a blanket basis

[8:57] Deductible options from one insurance company

[11:01] Getting the quote to the investor

[13:30] Our company is approved by major financiers

[15:00] Calculating insurance rates based on zip codes

[16:55] Cash value is the number one issue insurance companies have

[20:13] How are land contracts insured?

[22:51] Hard money lenders can place property coverage, but it costs a bit more

[23:38] Loss of Rent insurance



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