Accredited Income Property Investment Specialist (AIPIS)

Purchasing real estate investment properties can be a long and tedious process. Finding properties, researching the potential investment and calculating the profitability are all initial steps that currently require investors to use multiple databases and take time. Realty Pilot looks to systemize the real estate investment market and connect buyers with sellers with real-time offer information. The platform was built to integrate other systems and databases and give users access to multiple reports from a single interface. The system currently has 10,000 users per month and is set to grow in the near future, as additional data is added.


Key Takeaways:

[1:52] Breaking down Realty Pilot’s structure

[3:05] Back office management tools, which use centralized data

[4:22] The real estate market is changing towards a decrease in cash offers

[6:21] Real-time real estate trends

[9:50] Value versus volume

[11:19] Specific growth markets

[13:27] 10,000 offers per month

[15:36] API connects into multiple systems

[17:01] Additional systems can log in-house data

[18:18] Real estate professionals and homeowners are both notified when an offer is made

[21:10] The value disposition service, available in 2016

[22:48] Two different types of offers: soft and hard

[24:32] Regulations make buying a home, a 3-week process



Realty Pilot

Offer Runway

Concourse 360



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