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National bestselling author, W. Bruce Cameron writes from his heart based on his true life experiences. His lighthearted and uplifting books touch our hearts with profound characters, both human and non-human. Jason and Bruce discuss how dogs transform their people with unadulterated, true love, why it’s a great idea to save a dog from a shelter and why we shouldn’t judge people who don’t love dogs.


Key Takeaways:

[1:54] Bruce’s favorite dog joke

[3:02] A Dog’s Purpose

[5:50] What does the dog’s master learn along the journey in this book?

[7:43] The Dogs of Christmas

[10:15] Bruce’s uplifting puppy rescue story

[12:14] People should relish in the love their dog gives them

[13:08] Consider rescuing a dog from a shelter

[14:52] Don’t judge people who don’t like dogs

[16:00] Contact information for Bruce

[16:23] People find the subject matter of the book charming

[17:22] Bruce’s new thriller - A Midnight Plan of the Repo-Man

[19:11] Sample rules from 8 Simple Rules



8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter Book

A Dog’s Purpose

A Midnight Plan of the Repo-Man

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