Accredited Income Property Investment Specialist (AIPIS)

We break closing costs down into small pieces to support Jason’s #1 rule of investing, thou shalt become educated, to become your own best advisor. Understanding which costs are fixed and which are variable will help you to protect yourself and allow you to become your own best advisor. We take the confusion out of calculating the fees.


Make sure to listen to future episodes for information on how mortgages are priced.


Key Takeaways:

[2:04] Thou shalt become educated to become your own best advisor

[2:29] An example of a loan quote

[3:31] Lenders over estimate certain charges

[5:27] Requirements for good faith estimates

[7:35] What are lender or origination (garbage) fees

[8:43] Using an example of $142,500, figuring out the closing costs

[10:21] Insurance charges for lenders and owners

[11:30] Lender’s title insurance is one of the highest fees on the HUD settlement statement

[11:52] Depending on your state the seller provides the clean title insurance

[12:42] Transfer stamps/taxes are local municipal charges

[14:48] Recording fees

[15:32] Points are fees to buy down the interest rates



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