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Russ O'Hare has been experiencing problems with Results Property Management in Kansas City, Missouri. He is one of the home owners at Creekside Village and has a number of complaints and allegations over the way the firm has been managing the properties. He shares his story to Jason Hartman. 


Key Takeaways:

[3:50] Russ was first told that it was Curry Real Estate managing the properties, not Results. 

[8:15] Metrowide Building invoices has the same address as Results. Are they owned by the same people? 

[10:25] $2,500 was charged to the HOA for trimming trees and bushes for less than 8 hours of work. 

[16:18] Russ's wife made copies of invoices when they requested to see the books. 

[20:05] It seems the investor Isaac Bencuya and Results have some kind of arrangement with each other. 

[25:20] The club house, pool, and one of Isaac's apartment buildings run on one electric meter and that bill goes to the HOA. 

[27:15] Isaac setup a proposal for the home owners to basically give him the pool and club house. 

[30:15] Dave Zeller, Isaac Bencuyz, and Quentin Kearney said they had no affiliation with Nick Porto when Nick was representing the HOA. 

[40:05] During this proposal, Dave Zeller's attorney fees were charged to the HOA and not out of Isaac's pocket. 


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Quentin Kearney – Results Property Management. 

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