Accredited Income Property Investment Specialist (AIPIS)

Jason has received a number of complaints about Quentin Kearney and Results Property Management. He interviews Bobbie O'Hare to get the inside scoop of what's really going on. Bobbie has been looking directly at the Results Property Management books and has noticed a number of vague invoices. She is also having a hard time getting direct answers from the management company, which is delaying her investigation even further. 


Key Takeaways:

[2:05] There are lots of clients coming to Jason with complaints about Results Property Management. 

[5:00] Results Real Estate invoices were incredibly vague and non-descriptive. 

[6:35] The company could not provide Jason with simple receipt copies from the vendor and did not know who the vendor was who did the work. 

[15:05] Bobbie thinks the company is charging higher HOA fees and homeowners are unknowingly subsidizing the apartment fees. 

[29:15] What other discrepancies did Bobbie find during her investigation? 

[37:35] All of the invoices Bobbie received looked wrong. 

[40:40] Bobbie can't talk to her own management company anymore, because they know she's building a case against them. 

[47:00] Results has been known to intimate other management companies so that they stay away. 

[50:55] Bobbie is trying to combine a number of cases against Results to make the case even stronger. 


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