Accredited Income Property Investment Specialist (AIPIS)

Salvator Buscemi is the author of Making the Yield, a managing partner in Dandrew Partners and runs the Oasis Fractionalized Real Estate Equity. Mortgage Brokers took to the streets to get funding for homes in pre-foreclosure and that was the start of the real estate crisis. Investing with short money people (those who invest $50,000 and under) can be costly to the entire deal. Jason and Salvator agree on most things and being cynical is the best way to be in business. 


Key Takeaways:

[1:48] Hard money lending uncovered

[5:32] No exit strategy on Sub-prime loans

[6:30] Funds to buy other funds

[7:59] Inexperienced fund managers

[11:50] 10 commandments of investing

[13:15] The rack rate secret

[15:28] Operator should be local to the asset

[19:00] Crowdfunding

[20:40] Short money?

[23:59] Federal Reserve’s no yield environment

[27:25] Massive interventions by Govt’s and Central Banks

[30:50] Resume of Bernie Madoff and others

[32:45] It’s all political

[34:20] Golden Age of Real Estate

[35:15] Intimate money management 

[37:16] Fund Manager should skin in the game

[40:00] Where are you in the capital structure?

[42:52], 1st 20 are free


Mentions In This Episode:

Dandrew Partners

Oasis Fractionalized Real Estate Equity

Making The Yield - Book


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