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Eric McColgin shares his story about his interaction with Results Property Management, Quentin Kearney, the investor Izak Bencuya, and their respective attorneys. He believes Results Property Management is using HOA money to fund Bencuya's repairs and maintenance fees of his individual properties instead of the homeowners. Before Results Property Management was in charge of the HOA, the HOA had $40,000 in reserves. Now, it's between $5,000-$7,000. Today we find out what's happening with Creekside Village.


Key Takeaways:

[3:00] Eric was promised a tennis court, walking trails, and pond when he bought his property.  

[6:30] Four people showed up to the HOA meeting and Izak along with his attorney David Zeiler were trying to get the homeowners to give up the pool and clubhouse. 

[10:40] Quentin refused to answer Eric's questions about the walking trails and other amenities over the phone. 

[12:45] Zeiler was representing Izak in the proposal to take the clubhouse and pool. Quentin bought in Nick Porto to represent the homeowners. 

[15:50] When Eric met Quentin in person, he still refused to answer his questions. 

[17:25] The mayor of Grain Valley even told Eric that this looked wrong. 

[20:55] The HOA is picking up the bill for Izak's individual properties. 

[27:50] The HOA provider, Metrowide Building, is owned by Quentin Kearney.

[31:20] There should be two signatures whenever a check or payment is made on behalf of the HOA. 


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Quentin Kearney - Results Property Management. 

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