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In today’s AIPIS Show, Jason Hartman invites Val Sotir of Watermark Capital Partners to discuss his company’s specific details in the note business. During the interview, they also get into topics such as the changing ways of Wall Street, how bankers are always looking for the best route for themselves and the patterns between liens. 


Key Takeaways

02.29 – Val Sotir, of Watermark Capital Partners deals with notes in lower-banded residential properties.

04.49 – Always remember with first and second liens, if the first and the second are not performing, the pricing is a lot lower.

07.46 – With the banks still having 80-85% of notes not released, there are still lots of trading opportunities available.

10.07 – The Wall Street from 1-2 decades ago was very different to the Wall Street we know now.

12.40 – Jason Hartman tries to understand the ever-confusing motives behind bankers’ actions.

14.39 – Banks have to treat all homeowners the same, so it’s easier for them just to sell!

15.14 – Find out more about Val Sotir and his company at 


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