Accredited Income Property Investment Specialist (AIPIS)

In today’s AIPIS Show, Jason Hartman talks to Mark Mascia of Mascia Development about different market sectors and their impact on real estate investment. They also consider how topics of technology (the self-driving car) and demography (changing generational attitudes) can affect real estate trends and patterns.


Key Takeaways

02.27 – Mascia Development works on the idea of deciding which markets you want to be involved with and then assessing deals based on if they fit those markets.

05.03 – The rents and situations may be different, but in terms of retail, the tenants are often the same nationwide.

10.02 – Whatever you main purpose of the building is, you need to ensure there’s traffic going past it to keep visibility high.

11.10 – The self-driving car is going to have an impact on so many aspects of our lives. We have to take this seriously because the technology itself will catch up.

13.00 – Rents are likely to continue to rise, and that’s partly because we’re no longer in a generation where everyone buys a house and it’s the biggest and best investment you’ll ever make.

16.20 – The Top Ten is formed from the analysis of each of the markets on a range of different criteria, varying from education of the workforce to looking at the average cap rate.


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