Accredited Income Property Investment Specialist (AIPIS)

Zbigniew found Reality Games in October 2014 and launched Landlord mobile game in January 2015. He is also the Programming Director of Promotion of Poland 2020 of The Kosciuszko Institute. Zbigniew has over 12 years of online advertising and over 10 years of real estate experience. He founded and exited a few other companies such as Second Poland and Supremum 360: Digital Outsourcing & Advertising Service.

Key Takeaways:

[2:20] How the Landlord app works

[3:35] How data mining is helping the app become more and more accurate and how it can make you a better investor

[8:00] How check-ins can increase the value of your properties, but how they've safeguarded against abuses

[10:20] Buying properties in places that you can't physically get to

[12:55] The power of crowd sourcing and apps

[16:20] Where Jan sees the future of tech and the digital divide

[18:50] The app business model and how much one MLB player has spent on the app (and isn't even the top player in the game)

[22:50] If there's a social component to the game and if people are actually meeting through it

Website Mentioned:
Find the Landlord app on iTunes and Google Play

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