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Managers of organizations typically inherit the team they are responsible for leading. Strategizing on how to effectively manage the new team can require an overwhelming amount of resources. Jason’s guest, Victor Prince, is the author of the book “Lead Inside the Box”; and he talks about a tool he created to categorize employees so that focus can be given to areas that will increase profitability without sacrificing efficiency. Victor also shares some techniques that can be used during the interview process to assist human resource departments with hiring the right individuals for the job.


Key Takeaways:

[2:20] The Leadership Matrix!

[5:00] Categorizing different types of employees.

[6:16] More often than not, leaders inherit an existing team.

[7:28] How to keep employees continuing to produce for your organization. 

[10:24] Managing your peers and succession planning.

[12:31] Know who you are talking to during the interview process.

[14:40] Insightful questions to ask during an interview.

[16:21] You want people to produce the results you ask of them.

[17:54] Filling the gap about the proper way to invest in people.

[18:54] Lack of leadership is the biggest issue in Washington, DC.

[20:15] Contact information for Victor.



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